Thursday, September 18, 2014

Template Editor Feature Released

Today we are very happy to announce that Template editor feature just released. By this feature you can customize the looks and likes of your site so it can be more personal and unique. You can also embed external script from third party such as Google Analytic, Facebook, Twitter etc.

To use this feature you need basic knowledge of HTML. To start editing, in your site panel manager click  Template menu at the left menu. Then you will see a template selector page. At your current template, you will see a blue button "Edit HTML".

After click the "Edit HTML" button, a html editor will open. This is the main area to write any HTML and Javascript code.

Preview button is to see your change before it actual implemented to your site. Save button is for saving your change and applied it to your site. And the home icon button is a link to get beck to your template selector page.

We hope this feature will give you more value to your site and can increase your sales. If you have any feed back related to this feature or any others, feel free to click the "Send Feedback" button at right bottom in any page.