Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Feature Released: Custom HTML Template Documentation and Site Analytic

We are very pleased to announce our two new features, Custom HTML Template Documentation and Site Analytic. These two features was one of our most featured tools to make your site even more personalize. Lets talk it one by one.

Site Analytic

Now you can get more insight of your site. You will know about how many your site visited, how many product page viewed and info how visitor came to your site. You will also get summarise info of your sell amount in monthly and yearly. To know how this analytic and site insight look like, login to your site panel

Custom HTML Template Documentation

As you may already read in our previous post about Template Editor Feature Released, now we make this more easier by provide comprehensive guide about how to create your own site template HTML. This documentation show you an example so it can make you as starting point to create yours.

To read this doc, go to this link or with the following steps:

  1. Go to your site (or create one if you don't have any) by clicking "My Sites" menu at the top nav bar.
  2. Within your site panel, click template menu at the left corner.
  3. Click "Edit HTML" under your selected template.
  4. You will see template editor in this step, click "Documentation" button at the top nav bar.
Now you have all the tools to create beautiful site, go on create your hand happy templating.