About Us

Yes, we are an online shop service just like Shopify or Bigcommerce. But we more prefer to identified our self like Blogger or Wordpress for personal commerce site. Just like you have your own personal blog in those services.

Soebiz it's a platform to build your own webstore as easy as using a blog. You can use your own domain to pointing to your store. You can also create your own theme.
We try to make all feature as simple as posible so you can focus on your business and costumers without the need for technical knowledge.

Unlike any other existing products, we provide all the services for free since we use deference approach in business model. We don't charge transaction fee either, or even bandwidth fee, no we don't. 

Our goals is to provide free and simple webstore to help those who doing business in online shopping but don't have any knowledge in development and maintenence an e-commerce website.
We are in beta test stage now so we will so grateful if you can write us some feedback and reviews.
We've just released all basic features such as checkout system, product management, shipping management and payment gateway support.

For not very long incoming future, we will release our valuable features such as following webstore so followers or potential buyers will get any update including new products, promotions etc. We will also provide web base chat system so buyers can ask to seller directly about the product.

Soebiz team